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how to extend the life

of your tan

Moisturizing daily with a water based lotion.  

Not only will it extend the life of your tan, but

it will help it fade more evenly.  

Avoid lotions with mineral oil and petroleum.  

Try Alba found on Amazon or at Whole Foods.    

what to wear after your tan

Loose/baggy, dark clothing.  Flip flops or loose fitting shoes.

Good options are sweats, sweatshirt or oversized dress.  


If it's raining don't forget an umbrella and wear long pants/shirt. 

Avoid tight fitting rain boots.

Best to go home bra-less if you can.


-->  Shave and/or wax before your appointment (24 hrs prior recommended)

-->  Hair and nail (mani/pedi) appointments should be done before your appointment

-->  Exfoliate your skin the night before or morning of your appointment

-->  Come fresh to your appointment-no lotions, make-up, perfumes or deodorant

-->  Wear or bring loose/baggy, dark clothing to wear after (NO jeans or tight yoga pants) 

-->  Plan to wait 10-12 hours to shower or workout


-->  Wait 10-12 hours to shower...avoid showers, bathing children, doing dishes, exercising and washing face/hands.

-->  Shower before you workout for the first time after your tan

-->  Wear long, loose fitting clothes to sleep in

-->  Moisturize daily with an oil-free lotion

-->  Exfoliate your tan off prior to your next appointment

-->  Enjoy your tan for the next 7-10 days